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The nearer to perfect the speaker system becomes, as with RE Audio speakers, the more critical it becomes to supply them with a clean and powerful input signal. RE Audio amplifiers are designed by our own engineering team to get the most out of any speaker system or subwoofer without adding or taking away from the original signal. No physical size limitation, power output, features or quality of sound demanded of us by today's audio enthusiasts and competitors has been overlooked. From our XTX 4 channel 360 watt(RMS) amplifier only 7 inches in length to our MT Everest — 15,000 watt(RMS) model, we truly do offer "something for everyone."


The louder they are, the better they are. If it's cool looking, it must be good sounding! Not true! Loudness is only part of the equation. The degree of distortion and smoothness of frequency response is the other. RE Audio pays special attention to both factors where most manufacturers don't — because they can't! You will be hearing things you never thought possible — UNTIL NOW! From our REX entry level series to our top of the line XXX series, the quality of sound remains the same — Great! The difference is in the power handling and output. We make it easy to choose — And oh yes, they are cool looking too!


As with any "High End" Audiophile home or studio monitor loudspeaker system, imaging, staging, linearity and low distortion is to be expected, but not from a car audio component or coaxial speaker systems. Even a novice notices when he begins listening to the music coming from the speakers rather than the speakers that produce the music. When a trained musician notices that instruments sound the way they are supposed to sound, you know you have something special. Perfectly matched speaker components like magnets, coils, cones and crossovers along with the use of soft dome tweeters throughout, all contribute to that special sound of the RE Audio Speaker systems.